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Emerson and Fehmer fl.

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Along with the firm of Town and Davis of New York, Walter was among the first of many nationally known, urban architects who provided des for buildings in the state, and St. James deed in was among his earliest Gothic Revival church des. Born in Philadelphia, Walter began his career as an apprentice to his father as a brickmason, then studied architecture and fine arts under architect John Haviland and worked in the office of leading Philadelphia architect William Strickland before establishing his own practice in Like most architects of the time, he worked in a variety of styles including the Gothic and Egyptian revivals.

An early and longtime leader in the architectural profession, Walter was among the small group of architects who formed the American Institution of Architects inand he was also a founder of the successful national organization, the American Institute of Architects, inserving as its founding vice president and its second president tofollowing Richard Upjohn and preceding Richard Morris Hunt in that office.

Emerson and fehmer (fl. ss)

Most of these were in or near Philadelphia, but some were located in distant communities and typically involved only the furnishing of drawings and specifications, without site visits or superintendence. Such was the case in his commissions in North Carolina. When the Reverend Robert B. Drane became rector of St. James inthe colonial period church needed extensive repairs.

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The parish, the largest and wealthiest in the state, decided to build a new and larger church. How the parish selected Walter for the project is not known, but it seems likely that Drane, who came to St. Its plan and general format are essentially the same as classically detailed churches in the Federal and Greek Revival modes. However, in the completeness of its details it is more thoroughly Gothic than the earlier Gothic Revival churches built for North Carolina Episcopal congregations in the s, such as Christ Church in New Bern, St.

As shown in Phoebe B. Later in the 19 th century St. James in a pattern seen in many of these churches was expanded with a recessed chancel on the east and a transept on the south side.

For St. If he followed his usual practice, he would have sent a plan, front and side elevations, and a section, plus specifications. None of these drawings is known to survive.

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Norris they were induced to believe that a Church of the size and upon the plan drafted by T. The artisans for the project included other men from the north, including carpenter Christopher Dall and mason John C. Wood see Wood Brothers. The cornerstone was laid on April 3,and the church was consecrated on March 29,by Bishop Ives. Inspired by St. Inthe Reverend William Mercer Green, professor and chaplain at the University of North Carolina, organized local Episcopalians into a congregation which became the Chapel of the Cross, and then he pushed the building project along.

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Green had attended the diocesan convention at St. James inand it was probably he who contacted architect Walter for plans. The church, like St. James, was rectangular in plan, with a central entrance tower. It too was altered in the later 19 th centuryto add a recessed chancel and other features.

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In contrast to St. James, construction of the little brick church in Chapel Hill went slowly. Professor Green, who served as contractor and chief fundraiser, established a brickyard on his farm and supervised the making of the bricks for the church.

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But then funding and construction dropped off, despite repeated urgings to the diocese by Bishop Ives. The rank weed is growing against its windowless walls. The pigeon is building among its rafters, and its unfinished spires seem protesting to Heaven against the apathy of the Diocese.

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Catherine W. Bishir and Michael T. However, there are differences between the drawing and the church as built; it may be that Walter made the elevation from his original missing drawings for the church. Bishir, North Carolina Architecture Tony P. Walter, Thomas U. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Walter, thomas u. ()

NC Work Locations:. Building Types:. Title: St. James Episcopal Church [Wilmington] View larger image and credits. Building List. NC Work Locations. Robert B. Drane, Sketch of St. Drane, D. Ida B. Kellam and Elizabeth F. McKoy, St. Kellam Philip A. Phoebe B. Thomas U. Isaac J. Colliercontractor; Thomas U. Walterarchitect. Chapel HillOrange County.

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Street Address:. Franklin St. Images Published In:. James Episcopal Church Contributors:. Christopher H. Dallprincipal carpenter ; Henry C. Dudleyarchitect ; John S. Norrissupervising architect ; Thomas U. Walterarchitect ; Wood Brothersbrickmasons ; John C. Wood, principal brickmason WilmingtonNew Hanover County.