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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present.

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Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Made by Them to Defeat Senator Vest. The St. Louis, uses the f ol lo1 headlines which are explanato ry of the article: f- "Senator Vest will be fought by the sound money' party Orders have been issued by the admistration to de feat him Plans being perfected He is accused of inconsistency in dealing with President Cleveland's actions The Missouri 'sound money' party has inaugurated an active and systematic campaign to prevent the re-election of the Honorable George Graham Vest to the l nited States Senate They ap pear to have dropped consideration of very other object and to be preparing to concentrate their forces for a com bined assault on Senator Vest.

For my part I shall the Republicans unless the Democracy is purged of Populism by the next campaign. I am in this fight to the finish. Better a thousand years of Republican rule, even with a tariff reaching to the moon, than one of Democratic rule with Bryanltes at the helm.

Lawyer Palmer, another Kansas City bolter who participated in the com mittee's deliberations, talked in a similar vein.

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In addition he said: "I think the legislative districts in Jack son county, both Representative and Senatorial, are sufficiently close to ad a great deal of encouragement to us in our fight on Vest. I am told that the same conditions exist in St. Louis, and If this is true we ought to be able to easily beat Vest by a well-managed campaign.

But not a cent have we asked Mark Hanna for, nor will we.

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In fact, we would scorn any aid he might prof' fer us. A telegram was received early yes terday morning from J. Trimble, the candidate for Governor, whom Secretary Reedy in variably refers to as "our peerless leader," saying that he would be detained in New York longer than be bad thought for and regretting his Inability to attend the committee meeting to-day, as he had promised to do.

Stephens and spit up the pieces between his teethThe only two State candidates who attended the committee meeting were Ed. Porter, of Joplln, for Auditor, and Win. McUwratb, of Chilllcothe, for Treasurer. Others are expected in the city to-day.

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Chicago, III. Votes, Alabama Abilene, Kan, Sept. The Belle Springs creamery alone paid , of which 11, was to people ot this county, while other creameries paid the re mainder, makingin all. This is slightly above the monthly. The average price paid is 62 cents per hundred pounds of milk.

The payment is made, how evar, by a test system.

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It has been in operation over a year and baa re sulted In a large Increase in the but-1 ter fat quality of the milk received. Many persons out of health have found an excuse in hot weather for doing nothing toward getting well "I will wait until fall," they have promised themselves.

It is now time, if ever, in thousands of cases to keep that promise. Nothing should now interfere with building up the weakened nerves, Now is the time of the year when rheumatism and neuralgia must be cured, when debility and nervousness must be checked, when bad health must be mended if one hopes to get well. The natural, unchecked course of disease is from bad to worse as the fall and winter wear on.

It is not that rheumatism, neuralgia, insomnia, and kidney troubles are hard to cure Paine's celery com pound has made a host of sufferers well but people make themselves chronic invalids by neglecting the first symptoms of disease.

Thousands of lives that are now fast wearing out would be prolonged if Paine's celery compound were in each instance used to stop those ominous pains over the kidneys, to buildup the run down nervous strength, and cure permanently those more and more frequently recurring attacks of headaches and indigestion.

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There is absolute relief from ner vous prostration, sleeplessness, poor appetite, growing thinness and loss of vigor and strength In Paine's celery compound. This most remarkable of all knorn remedies has won the sincere ap proval of the most progressive part of the community. Here is a testi monial recently received from the wife of U. Senator E. Warren of Wyoming, whose distinguished ser vices for the country's best farming interests are so well known: "I was pursuaded to try your Paine's celery compound in the early spring when in a very ran down condition The duties devolving upon the wife of an official in public life are naturally very exhausting and I was tired out and nervous when I commenced using the remedy.

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I take pleasure in test! If I ever find myself running down again I shall certainly give it another trial and will in the mean time recommend it to every one need ing it.

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Its absolute reliability is shown by its cod employment by trained physicians and in homes made happy kby its unquestioned power of making people well. It is not unusual for druggists to recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to their customers. Many of them have used it themselves, or in their families and know from personal experience its great. They know too that their customers are their best friends and naturally wish Mexico give them the most reliable medicine they have for these ailments.

Daugherty Bros. Urey, the popular druggist at Fredonia, Pa. Buckner, druggist. These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements pecul iar to women. McElree's Wine of Cardui cor rects these derangements, cores Whites and falling of the Womb, relieves Suppressed Menstrua tion and flooding, quiets the nerves and brings happiness to enacted women. People Resent Hannaized Influence on Voters. Childish Statements and Vituperation mate mm Ridiculous.

From the St. Prof, Wm. Treloar, who thinks he is making the race for Congress against Hon. Champ Clark in this the Ninth district, read his little speech in the City Hal here last night to about persons, of whom are free silver Democrats and members of the club here.

Treloar startled even his Repub lican hearers by the statement that silver had not been demonetized. Treloar was followed by Maj. G, Brock in a talk of an hour and a half, in which he tried to convince the peo pie that they were the rankest set of Anarchists because they favored free coinage of silver and the Chicago platform. Bryan for Presi dent, even some of the Republicans turned free in disgust and left the hall before the meeting was half over.

Treloar was hissed and laughed at by his hearers for several gross mis representations and ignorant state ments. Fred M. An derson was formerly a shoe drflmmer, I but it appears from his sex while I here this week that he is a Hanna- McKinley emissary. Claiming to be a "sound money" Democrat when he arrived, he immediately sought out the prominent Republicans and held a dose conference with them. He utia toac ne aesirea to organize a I "sound money" club but declared con fidentially to some Republican gentle man that he would vote for McKinley, Because it would be wasting his vote I to cast it for Palmer.

In conver sation with others, he said that he was trying to get Democrats to vote for I Palmer or anybody to beat Bryan. He failed to get any Democrats here I to aid him in such, nefarious work.

There may be a few Democrats here who will refuse to support the Chicago platform, but they are men of too much sense and honor to be induced to lend themselves to a conspiracy to aeieat Mr. Anderson appeared to be well supplied with money, which he declared to be Hanna's money, and mat u was to be used to defeat Bryan. He made the assertion repeatedly! He could not get anyone to engage in the business, though some needed employment badly.

His contemptible offer was resented by our people, neither Republicans nor gold standard Democrats having any use for such infamous business. The gentleman has gone to seek! O Not Your Fault but the fault of the soap that your hus band's shirts are not white.

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Don't scrub them out using a takes the yellow out of clothes and whitens and softens them. Not injurious because it's pure. Will pay you to think to ask for " Clairette. Made only by THE N. XoGiU, 4 Hubbard Court.

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Dear Sir. Allow ns a little spans wherait to congratulate ran upon this, the areata remedy the world ever knew for resale weakawM, and to Ire a word of advice to wrfea, mothers and daugutera, who are suffer- lnfthe tortures of female weakness, to suffer no knifer, but to aecure a box oX OraaM Bl and be convinced that it Is Btore taaa represented a positive euro for female weakness la any form. Blots Hum Cults ax. Every person owing us, either large or small amounts, is requested to call and settle.

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We - need the money and must have it. Bubttoribc now. Joseph, Mo. James H. Hunt, musicians, who give concerts before Mr. Hillis speeches. The party is now at St. Joseph, with the exception of the candidate, who is on a short visit home. He enjoys a good income from one apple orchard.

He accumulated his wealth by-frngality and Industry, but now is noted locally for his hospitality. It Is Improbable that he has any expect ation of election to the offloe for whioh he is a candidate. Kitohel has.