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Date Chandler AZ Guys Review

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I just wanted to take the time to say how Tarek Mosalli took such great care of us from start to finish. He made sure he found us what we were looking for. Not pushing us into something we didn't want like other dealerships do. This is our 3rd purchase with this dealership and will continue to come back because how we are treated.

Thank you!!!!! Chapman BMW Chandler responded. Tarek is incredible! We are delighted to have him on board! I just want to say Adam Lopretta, was very kind and helpful to help me get the car I was looking at. I explained what I wanted and wanted to stay around a certain payment and he was great and got me what I wanted. Chandler BMW is great place to buy a Car!!

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We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to review us. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Hello BMW owner. We want to look into the specifics regarding your feedback. Would you be able to provide your name and information so we can assist further? You are also welcome to contact our Service Director Vanessa Palacio at to discuss as well.

We certainly apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Thank you.

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Vanessa Palacio. Bmw owner responded. Hay was name, Jeremy was service advisor. If you are African American do not go to this dealership. Once, I drove up to the Auto Service area at the dealership. I parked my car behind a BMW Demo X3 car and literally watch the service guy stare at me and continue to stand feet away from my car. I notice they started talking and looked at me and continue with their conversation.

I felt so invisible to them. I was honestly standing outside my car starring at them for help. Moreover, I notice I was getting that look from them; like why he is here or who car did he steal. I guess this must be a Phoenix, Arizona thing. What really made me angry was when a Caucasian customer-driven up to the service department and parked behind me and one of the service guys bypass me and walked directly to the customer's car behind me to help them.

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This same thing happens to me at the Camelback locations also in Phoenix. I have walked in a few BMW locations in Phoenix, Arizona, and every Caucasian guy either turned their he, ignored, or walk past me as if I'm invisible to them. Why did I move to this racist state in April ? Big mistake relocating or buying a car here!!

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We deal with and employ all nationalities on a daily basis. We reviewed your visit from the time you came until you left.

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It looks like you were immediately greeted by our staff but there was a 4-minute delay from the initial greeting until your Service Advisor came up to you outside he was finishing up with a prior guest. I realize that seems like a long time when nothing is going on and the guy behind you came in and his Advisor got to him before yours got to you. I want to assure you we appreciate your business and welcome everyone with a BMW at our dealerships Service Center. Regards, Shane M. This is just an excuse! I have visited this location a few times with a friend just to see if we would receive the help and kindness we receive in North Scottsdale before I ever purchased this car in June We both notice wondering around that no sales representative approached or question us about our visit.

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With that being said, the service advisor should have greeted me and informed me of the wait time-frame or mention his assistance should be provided shortly. But he smirked and continue what he was doing. I don't know where or how BMW Chandler teaches customers services. This is not my first encounter with BMW Chandler or Camel back unusual strategy of behavior towards people who look like myself. Well, at least I didn't walk around for nearly 2 hours without anyone approaching me for assistance Camel back Location.

Why should this sadden you? Racial profiling is common in today's society. So, please don't act brand new! Caucasians are known for this form of behavior. If North Scottsdale can't fit anything on my new car. Then, I'll just ship it back to NYC, Atlanta or Miami where I won't be seen as invisible anymore since people of color are everywhere in those cities. There's no need to reply back Beware of this dealership they are not reputable.

I have had issues with lack of customer service in the past, however Mike and the service techs were awesome and friendly! The video of the inspection as well as the detailed report of the issues and repairs made me feel very comfortable. My car was ready on time. I had a little interior cleanup, but overall I am a satisfied customer!

We'd like to thank you for sharing your thoughts on your experience.

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We take pride in providing excellent service to our customers and look forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you! We appreciate your feedback about your experience. We take pride in serving our customers and hope to see you again soon! If I could give this dealership no stars I would.

I asked him to stop, he laughed and continued.

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I have ed him and have gotten no response. I have called the store for the last 4 days asking to speak with a manager and STILL no one has gotten back to me. Clearly customer service is not a priority for this dealership. Kaitlyn, I am sorry about your experience at the dealership. I know we had a problem with the payoff but once it was brought to our attention we immediately canceled the check and re-issued another.

With business being as brisk as it has been lately all of our and the various lenders resources have been strained-this does result in some untimely delays.

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I am happy to say Toyota has cashed the check as of last week so we are good now. I apologize about your experience with Tarek, but a couple points of clarification BMW does give 3 years complimentary maintenance Oil Changes for the first 3 years of ownership. At any point, we will learn from this review and get better as a store.

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Thank you for your business and enjoy your new BMW m4! He walked me through the entire process the day I picked up my new vehicle. Jason gave me a thorough tutorial of the different car functions and features to get me started and also encouraged me to take advantage of their Genius support in the future.

Chapman BMW reached out to me again to invite me to set up a Genius appointment. By then I had a list of questions! I was delighted to meet with Joseph Myers who patiently took the time to walk both my husband and I thru the features and help get my husband's profile set up.

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He spent more than one hour with us, answering all our questions. Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.

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Both of these interactions demonstrate a strong commitment to customer care! Thanks for leaving a review, and mentioning Jason. You're right, Jason always going above and beyond.

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We'll be sure to share your praises with him. I'm giving them a 2-star because it was a nice place with a large selection. Our potential sales rep gets a -1 star.

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I took my year-old who was ready to buy. I myself was in the market as well. We can buy pretty much whatever we want. All purchased new. But we do our homework, so we have specific models we want to see. This guy kept rushing us. From the start. We were allowed to shop for 20 minutes if that.